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If you wish to bid by telephone during the auction please fill out this form.

Telephone numbers for auction date in order of preference.

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Deutscher and Hackett offer a complimentary telephone bidding service on all works at auction. An experienced Deutscher and Hackett phone bidder will relay the auction’s bidding progress and if instructed will bid on the client’s behalf. Bids are made in Australian dollars. Should the bid be successful, the buyer will be obliged to pay the final bid price plus buyer's premium of 25% (inclusive of  GST) of the final bid price.

By completing this form, telephone bidders request and authorise Deutscher and Hackett to telephone during the auction on the contact number(s) nominated and place bids acting as agent on their behalf.

Telephone bids must be booked well in advance of the auction and no later than two hours prior to completion of timed online auctions or twenty four hours prior to the commencement of live auctions. All telephone bids received online will be confirmed by email. If you have not previously bid with Deutscher and Hackett, upon receiving your bid form we will request photo identification, such as a drivers licence or passport.   

** If an optional cover bid is left and the client is uncontactable during the auction, the client authorises Deutscher and Hackett to bid up to the cover bid amount on behalf of the client to purchase the work for the lowest bid amount possible.

Deutscher and Hackett provides this complimentary service as a courtesy to clients and does not accept liability for errors and omissions in the execution of telephone bids with an art specialist. Please refer to the Buying and Selling Guide for information, terms and conditions regarding sales.